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Your support and contributions are greatly appreciated!

Connie for Clay is a campaign run entirely by volunteers.  Every cent contributed to the campaign helps us get the word out!  Thank you for supporting a leader who will represent our entire community.


I love our community and care deeply for our future. This area has been a part of my soul since 1969! Serving as Mayor for the Town of Orange Park and working with our community to accomplish so much together has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. With your help, we can expand this service to the County. My term as Mayor ends in May and I am excited for the possibilities ahead if elected to the Clay County Board of Commissioners. There is a great deal of work ahead – let’s do it!   – Connie


Please note:

There is a maximum contribution limit of $1000 by individuals or organizations per election.   Primaries and general elections are considered separate elections, so the $1000 limit applies to these elections separately. Follow the link below for more information from the Florida Department of State.

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Paid by Connie Thomas, Republican, for Clay County Commissioner District 3
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