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Healthy Waterways

TOP-waterwaysFlooding and Cleanup - Before the flooding brought about by Hurricanes Michael and Irma, Connie convened a Town waterways improvement roundtable to address an increasingly clogged system of creeks in the town as well as to find out the actual ownership of the many tributaries in the Town so that improvements could be made.  The roundtable included participants from the St. Johns River Water Management District, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the St. Johns River Keeper, Town Public Works, and concerned citizens to bring knowledgeable voices and experience toward how to clean up the catchment areas running through the Town and to help the Town seek funds for mitigation and improvement. With the arrival of the hurricanes, it sped up the process.  Grant writing was set in place and dredging projects identified.,15981?

waterwaysConnie then organized a community waterway cleanup along Dudley Branch, which further aided in the dredging work and brought community members together to learn about the creek and adjacent swampland, get to know each other, and pitch in to improve the Town. A great example of Citizen Action for the Community!

Paid by Connie Thomas, Republican, for Clay County Commissioner District 3
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